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Mini DIY


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Pirate Ship 3D Metal Puzzle – Pirate Ship Names DIY™

64.99 $
Build your own legend with The Flying Dutchman Metal Puzzle: a captivating challenge for pirate enthusiasts and puzzle aficionados alike!…

The Queen Anne’s Revenge 3D Metal Puzzle – QAR™

69.99 $
Craft your own pirate saga with 'Queen's Revenge' 3D Metal Puzzle! High-quality alloy pieces create a captivating model ship. Adventure awaits!…

Vintage Car Marvel – Wood Wonders™

54.99 $
Cruise Through Time: Vintage Car 3D Puzzle Craft Your Own Vintage Adventure Craft your own vintage adventure with the MC801 Vintage Car 3D Wooden Puzzle.…

Whimsical Wonder – Owl Clock Building Fun™

114.99 $
Craft your own whimsical timepiece with our Owl Clock 3D Wooden Puzzle. Build, admire, and enjoy the charm of nature-inspired craftsmanship!…